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Aikido-L EuroSeminar in Berlin, Germany

Am 21.-22. September 2002 fand im Aikido-Dojo der ufaFabrik in Berlin das dritte europäische Seminar der Aikido-L Mailingliste statt, mit Teilnehmern aus Großbrittannien, USA, der Türkei und Deutschland.


On the weekend of September 21-22, 2002, the Third European Seminar of Aikido-L mailing-list took place at Aikido-Dojo in der ufaFabrik in Berlin, Germany, with participants from UK, USA, Turkey and Germany.
Back row:
Justin, Emily, Max, Pete, John, Achim, Franz

Middle row:
Sue, Sharif, Sven, Ergün, Andy, Vitali, Ruth, Giles

Front row:
Mike, Chuck, Tony, Jens, Doris, Charlotte, Maria, Karlo

1. Tag: Donnerstag / Day one: Thursday

Begegnung der ersten Art / First Gathering

John, Karlo, Steffi(m)

Chuck, Sue, Ruth(m)

Karlo, Steffi, Emily, Chuck(m)

John, Karlo, Justin, Chuck(m)

Eva, Emily(m)



Chuck and Emily(m)




Steffi and Karlo(m)

2. Tag: Freitag / Day two: Friday

Auf Erkundungsgang / Sighting the Terrain

In the Palace Garden:(m)
John, Karlo, Emily, Pete, Chuck, Karen, Ruth, Justin, Sue, Eva
Unter den Linden(m)
Vor dem Reichstag
In front of the Reichstag(m)
Thai Imbiss
Justin, Karlo, Eva, Chuck(m)
Thai Imbiss
Tony, Sue, Pete, Karen, John(m)




Ruth, Eva, Justin(m)

Ruth, Karen, Justin(m)

3. Tag: Samstag / Day three: Saturday

- no comment -(m)

Justin and Pete(j)

Justin demonstrates irimi nage on Ruth(m)
John throws Joachim
John throws Joachim(m)
Sue throws Karlo
Sue throws Karlo(m)
Andy throws Chuck
Andy throws Chuck(m)
Tony about to throw Andy
Tony about to throw Andy(m)
Jens throws Max
Jens throws lurka Max(m)

"Hm, how did I get into *this* position?"(j)

Andy introduces new training equipment(j)

Ergün and Emily(j)
Mike and Emily Emily and Mike
Mike and Emily testing the new training equipment(m)

Giles, Achim, Elfriede, Tony, Justin(j)

Justin and others(j)

Foreground l-r:
John, Karlo, Sven, Justin(m)

Achim, Chuck, Emily(m)

Ruth, Joachim, Sue, Karen, Pete(m)

Ergün from Istanbul(m)

The Altar(k)


Pontiff and Bishops(k)

Tony exhausted(k)

Ruth and Mike doing some jo-kata(k)

Achim, Maria, Karlo (after the 2nd or so whisky)(j)


4. Tag: Sonntag / Day four: Sunday

Breakfast at ufa(j)

"Uke has two jobs"(m)

Which job first??(m)

Chuck and Emily(m)

Chuck demonstrating a hanbo application(m)


... more aiki-bunnies(j)

Chuck and Emily watching(j)

Sue and two attackers (Maria, Charlotte) - Karlo watching(m)

Juji-nage: Franz with Maria and Achim(m)

futari-gake shiho-nage(m)

Andy throwing Ruth and Chuck(m)

Karlo with Franz and Vitali(m)

Ruth about to throw Andy and Giles(m)

Water break ...(j)

... a snack ...(j)

... and a chat(j)


Sue, Sharif, Maria(k)

Shiatsu with Ruth(k)

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